Industry Specific Solutions

Foundation of Efficiency for Construction Vehicles

More Efficiency. More Profits With BlackboxGPS

Customized Solutions for Ease in managing Construction Business.

In today's fiercely competitive world, Construction Industry cannot afford to bear the heavy cost of idle vehicles. That’s why they need bespoke solutions which play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of their earth-moving vehicles and help to cut down on cost.

Customized Reports for Construction Companies.

Hi-TecPoint Technologies and its team of Software experts designed a customized Blackbox for the Earth-moving machines which enabled the owners.

  • To get data and reports on the working hours and the idle hours of their machines.
  • To overcome the challenge of reducing overheads.
  • To help maximize profits while minimizing cost.

Your Dashboard – Your Benefit

Construction companies can get a clear idea about the efficiency and working hours of each machine right at their desktop or in your Smartphone. Fleet Management Software developed in sync with Blackbox makes it possible to manage business more efficiently.

Blackbox - Only GPS based Product to get the Patent