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Hospital Ambulances laced with finest GPS Technology of BlackBox!

Global Positioning System is working wonders in all sectors; Health & Tertiary care included as well. BlackboxGPS Technologies has one been one of those prime mover companies that have designed bespoke solutions for Hospitals based on GPS tracking.

How BlackBox works for Hospital Ambulances.

The company has taken a lead in customizing BlackBox for Hospital ambulances in such a way that not only the Ambulance’ exact location but also the shortest route to hospital or patient’s home can be updated every minute. The bespoke solutions given by BlackboxGPS Technologies to Hospital industry include the additional feature in BlackBox that will...

  • Report about the safety of the vehicle as well as the patients.
  • Precise tracking with Google Maps and finding the exact location of the bus.
  • The ambulance can be redirected from a nearby location and in a shorter path through this update.

Your Dashboard – Your Benefit

Hospitals will experience a lot of time and resource saving owing to monitoring their Ambulances on desktop or on Smartphone. This will prove critical in saving someone’s life rather than sending the ambulance all the way from hospital to the patient in urgent need.

BlackBox™ - Only GPS based Product to Get the Patent