BlackBox TM22 GPS Vehicle Tracker

BlackBox TM22 GPS Vehicle Tracker

BlackBox Track Master (TM-22) GPS Vehicle Tracker is a highly advanced GPS Tracker for all types of heavy vehicles – trucks, buses, car and bike. It is designed to track and monitor two wheelers & four wheelers parameter.

BlackBox TM22 GPS Vehicle Tracker is an economical yet advanced GPS tracking solution for fleet owners which makes monitoring your vehicle easy and reliable. The hardware and software of this product come with the backing of BlackboxGPS Technologies commitment to superior quality. BlackBox TM22 GPS Vehicle Tracker is an ideal solution for fleet owners who have been concerned about the location of their vehicle and its operational efficiency.

BlackBox TM22 GPS Vehicle Tracker will keep you updated about the vehicle’s real-time location as well as updates about speed, distance covered and many other significant information which you can with a finger touch through the BlackBox App.

The device communicates using GSM (2G) networks.

BlackBox Track Master (TM 22) GPS Vehicle Tracker Functionalities :

  • Real Time data from GPS
  • Vehicle Immobilisation
  • AC On/Off
  • Ignition On/Off
  • Panic Button
BlackBox TM22 GPS Vehicle Tracker India
GPS Module L86 Quectel
Battery 450
Digital Inputs 1 inputs
Digital Outputs 2 outputs
Internal Memory 250 KB
Firmware Configuration Over the air GPRS, USB or SMS
GSM Antenna Internal
Power Supply 10 - 32 V DC
Operating Temperature -35 +55 ℃
Size ???

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