Oil Tankers Tracking System

No more worry of theft in Oil Tankers

Oil Tankers Tracking System

Better deliveries. More Profits.

With BlackBoxGPS!

Oil & Petroleum industry gets big support from BlackBoxGPS!

Companies in the Oil & Petroleum industry constantly have to worry about the oil theft that may happen during the journey or wasted miles which costs them heavy fuel expenditure! More often, the drivers of Oil tankers charge their companies unproductive man hours.

Customized Reports for Oil & Petroleum industry.

BlackBox and its customized GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions have been created specifically to help large and medium sized Oil & Petroleum companies increase profitability and productivity. The competent and advanced GPS vehicle management system of customized BlackBox helps…

  • Prevents oil theft with its special feature whereby the owner gets an alert or Message every time the tanker’s lid is opened.
  • Keeping a record of his man-hours spent on driving.
  • Improving delivery time.

Your Dashboard – Your Benefit

All reports right on your desktop or on your Smartphone so that the top management of Oil & Petroleum Company can monitor the efficiency and location of each vehicle. Moreover, there will be detailed reports sharing the time and duration every time Oil tanker lid is opened.

Fleet Tracking System Dashboard

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