Industry - Specific Solutions

How BlackBoxGPS advanced features add to profitability and control

BlackBox GPS has specialization in Industry-specific solution and has developed pre-configured ready to run solutions to cater to specific industry domains. This leverages the deep knowledge & experience of our experts and is best practices based. BlackBox GPS Technologies ensures a cost-effective approach bringing in the benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India Technology to business.

Fleet and Logistic

Fleet Tracking System in India

Delivering Excellence in Fleet & Logistic

Waste Management

Vehicle Tracking System in India for Waste Management

Monitoring the work done for Waste Management

School Transportation

School Bus Tracking System in India

Big protection for little ones in School Transportation

Hospital Ambulances

GPS Tracking System in India for Ambulances

Tracking the lifeline for Hospital Ambulances

Oil Tankers

GPS Tracking System in India for Oil Tankers

No more worry of theft in Oil Tankers

GPS Vehicle Tracking System India to Maximum Profits

OEM Companies

Vehicle Tracking System in India for OEM Companies

Winning the trust of OEM Companies

Construction Vehicles

Construction Vehicles GPS Tracking System in India

Foundation of Efficiency for Construction Vehicles

Container Tracking

Container Tracking System in India

Tracking Container is now on your fingertips

Refrigerated Trucks

GPS Tracking System in India for Refrigerated Trucks

Nourishing the food value in Refrigerated Trucks

Bank Cash Vans

GPS Tracking System in India for Bank Vans

Securing the nation’s wealth in Bank Cash Vans

Our Products

Products as per your Requirement

ARAI AIS 140 GPS Device

arai ais 140 gps device

ARAI AIS 140 Compliance with Gagan Satellite Integration

India’s first company to get ARAI AIS 140 Compliance Device Certification with GAGAN Satellite Integration. AIS 140 GPS Tracker is the intelligent transport system that is a new addition to automotive industry standards. Essentially, an AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracker would have two features. First, is real-time location tracking and the second is an emergency SOS button.

Fleet Management Software (FMS)

BlackBox Fleet Management Software

Track, Analyze & Improve Your Fleet Operations

Fleet Management Software (FMS) helps thousands of fleets to manage vehicles and drivers across the country. With Fleet Management Software you spend less time worrying about your fleet operations and concentrate more on achieving your goals. Our Fleet Management Software makes it easy to handle, freedom from paperwork, ideal for all types of fleets.

BlackBox Fleet Management System

BlackBox Fleet Management System

Device For Commercial Vehicles

BlackBox offers a range of superior GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions that are carefully vetted in house designed and developed keeping in mind the specific business needs of clients from a wide range of industries. BlackBox GPS Trackers are very stable and use sophisticated technology to help you track your vehicle round the clock anytime anywhere.

Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Tracker

Track Your Beloved One’s

BlackBox’s personal tracking device is a GPS tracker for elders, women, teenagers, and children. Being too small, it can be placed in a bag or kept in the pocket. It can be used by anybody who does a field job or can be used to track business executives.

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker

Monitor Your Asset’s

BlackBox GPS Asset Tracking devices can help you keep an eye on your asset’s location and movement. Your asset can be tracked using real-time location information immediately, accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Image Capturing Camera

Image Capturing Camera

Monitor Your Vehicles

Monitor your vehicles with minimal investment, installing GPRS-technology enabled Cameras manufactured by BlackBoxGPS Technologies. These cameras record the inside pictures of the vehicle which are sent to the owner after a fixed interval of time.

Top 9 Reasons Why Choose BlackBox?

———“Choosing BlackBox Is A Wise Decision And For All The Good Reasons”———

GPS Tracker Manufacturer

Own Manufacturing

We have our own manufacturing unit since inception and our protocols are compatible with all tracking software.

GPS Tracker Research and Development

Research and Development

We have more than 10 years extensive experience of Designing hardware, Implementing and device customization as per customer specifications.

Software Development for GPS Trackers

Software Development

Our in house team of software developers & architects, makes us the company which offer fas customized solution as per customer need.

Service Engineer for GPS Tracker

Service Engineer Network

Our own service engineer network across India is the USP which no one can match, our field engineers services are increasing regularly.

Happy Customer Base of GPS Tracker

Huge Customer Base

We have strong happy customer base of 50k customers covering all segments like Government, Banks, Corporate Offices, Transport & Logistics industry.

Original Equipment Manufacturer of GPS Tracker

Original Equipment Manufacture

We are OEM supplier to companies & our products are getting fitted in the vehicles at the time of production.

Aadhar GPS Trackers India

Aadhar GPS

Preferred vendor to Aadhar (Govt. Of India company UIDAI) for supplying Aadhar GPS for their aadhar centers in India.

Asset Tracking System India

Asset Tracking

We have specially designed Plug and Play product for Asset Tracking System which gives battery back up of with 11-20 days.

Patented GPS Tracker India

Pioneer, Patented & Precise

As India’s No 1 GPS Device, BlackBoxGPS Enjoys the pride of being the only patented product in its category. This privilege makes us more conscious of our responsibilities.

A Genius Team

Each One In Sync With Group's Goal Of Excellence!

With a decade long experience of leadership in GPS Technology, BlackBox has been delivering exceptional results to our clients and community, the credit for which goes to the cumulative effort of a brilliant team.

What Customers Say About Us!

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Peace Of Mind with BlackBox Vehicle Management System  
Author Picture

The BlackBox - Vehicle Management System has not only put a check on various pilferage & malpractices being created by the drivers of milk tankers but has also given me the peace of mind. I can check & talk to drivers directly.

Mr. Tarun Jindal    March 14, 2014   Punjab, INDIA    Executive    Amul Milk   
Increase Profits and Operational Efficiency using BlackBox Vehicle Fuel Monitoring System  
Author Picture

Losing your profits because of fuel theft or late deliveries makes no sense. I'm happy to bank upon BlackBox vehicle fuel monitoring system and it is best fleet tracking system India. Not only the device but the customer care team that works behind the scene is highly efficient and responsive. I credit BlackBox for increased profitability and operational efficiency.

Mr. Raj Sandal    September 12, 2016   Moga, Punjab INDIA    CEO    Malbros International Pvt Ltd.   
Recommended Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System India  
Author Picture

If there's one device that inculcates responsibility in my staff while vesting in me full control; that is BlackBox. Using BlackBox makes my team realize that they cannot do things irresponsibly. I recommend BlackBox the best gps tracking system in india.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar    April 9, 2015   Phagwara, Punjab INDIA    Manager    Garrison Hotel   
Cost Effective Vehicle Tracking System  
Author Picture

The registration was quick, to add Blackbox trackers was simple. Now I can track all my taxi's in one place on my pc/mobile. BlackBox Vehicle Tracking System India is cost effective and reliable for me. I recommend Blackbox Vehicle Tracking System India for individual and commercial use.

Mr. Ian Stableford    March 25, 2017   Bengaluru, INDIA    CEO    ExxonMobil   

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About BlackBox

Revolutionized GPS Technology

About BlackBox GPS

Blackbox GPS Technology Pvt Limited is one of the pioneers in the field of GPS based Vehicle Tracking System and Management Solutions in India and is doing R&D in this field since 2000 when other GPS based tracking was thought to be a think of.

We have planned our 1st generation of offline Vehicle Management System in the field back in 2003 (when other have not conceived the idea) thus giving us more than 10 years of extensive field experience which has enabled us to develop a highly sophisticated, most reliable and stable practical solution in the market today. Presently we are into our 4th generation of patented “BlackBox” Tracking System which makes use of GPRS communication for Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring.

We Proud to announce that our extensive research and dedication has made us the fastest growing GPS Tracking Company in India.


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