Fleet Management System in India Facts & Myths

Facts and Myths of Fleet Management System


If you own a fleet of transport vehicles, refrigerated trucks, transportation vans, buses etc; you must be hearing the digital work and progressive entrepreneurs talk about Fleet Management System. For most of the times, you have not shown any interest in FMS because you have grown up to believe that software or digital technologies cannot manage the business, especially of a fleet. Well, you could not be more wrong!

Check out the five trending myths and real facts about Fleet Management System. FMS offers amazing benefits to your business and reading this article will surely convince you of that.

1. Fleet Management Systems give just location updates – This is the biggest myth surrounding FMS. People in logistics business or owning a fleet consider FMS significant only to receive real-time updates about the location of different vehicles. But the real fact is that FMS does more than that! They tell you about the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, the dashboard of FMS sends notifications about journey schedule, time slot movement, Tyre management and so much more like temperature monitoring, fuel lid opening/closing updates and all that is crucial for you to know.

2. Fleet Management Systems are same for each industry – WRONG! With technological advancement, industry-specific and need-specific FMS is available. Like India’s pioneering BlackBox which comes with state-of-the-art Fleet Management System the business function in sync with digital technology. And you can get customised FMS made by the expert team of Blackbox GPS Technology OPC pvt. ltd. which is known for innovating and developing BlackBox, India’s first patented GPS tracking system.

3. Fleet Management Systems are difficult to understand – This is another myth! Because one look at the Trackmaster website or the website of any company offering FMS services, you would realise how easy it is to gauge and understand information with one glance at your dashboard. All the relevant information is right there on your screen and you can take corrective action as soon as you monitor it.

4. Fleet Management System is only for large fleets – Total Myth! Even a small fleet company needs FMS if it wishes to grow. The problems related to delivery time, unnoticed wear and tear of trucks, fuel theft etc is worrisome for small fleets as well. Having an FMS at their disposal would help the small fleet achieve more efficiency with lesser resources.

5. Fleet Management System is expensive – A Fleet Management System is a worthy investment that will give your business a good ROI owing to saving in fuel expenses, saving in wear and tear, saving of time due to quicker and efficient deliveries and saving by avoiding mismanagement. FMS also keeps a tab on the driving behaviour which would make them handle and drive the trucks with care. All this will result in saving a good amount for you which is worth making an investment in FMS.

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