Refrigerated Trucks Tracking System

Nourishing the food value in Refrigerated Trucks

Better Deliveries. More Earnings.

With BlackBoxGPS

Food & Nutrition industry gets business Value & Nutritional value, both!

Food & Nutrition companies have specific needs when it comes to GPS vehicle tracking. These companies rely on their vehicles for transporting the food to far off places without damaging its nutritional value or spoiling the food content. They need a robust GPS Vehicle Tracking technology more than any other industry.

Customized Reports for Food & Nutrition Companies.

BlackboxGPS Technologies realized the pain points of Food & Nutrition Industry which was incurring huge transportation costs and ending up losing on nutritional value as well in case the vehicle’s temperature was messed up with. The competent and advanced GPS vehicle management system of customized BlackBox helps…

  • To report as and when the vehicle’s temperature hasn’t been maintained as per the specification during the journey.
  • To manage their business more efficiently with just a few clicks.
  • To deliver their food to distant places with their nutritional value intact.
Refrigerated Trucks Tracking System

Your Dashboard – Your Benefit

All reports right on your desktop or on your Smartphone so that the top management of Food & Nutrition industry can monitor the efficiency and temperature of each vehicle through which the food or food products or even medicines are transported from one place to another.

Fleet Tracking System Dashboard

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