Waste Management System

Monitoring the work done for Waste Management

Waste Management System India

With BlackBox Fleet Tracking System, managers of a waste management organization fleet can be sure to keep their vehicles and assets running safely and they can protect their assets from theft & misuse. With optimized route planning, sensors to determine safe vehicle conditions, alerts for unauthorized use and more, the position Logic BlackBox tracking solution can significantly improve a company’s bottom line.

Make the best out of waste.

With BlackboxGPS!

Waste Management Companies invest in GPS Technology of Blackbox!

To ensure better management and accountability of Waste Management Vehicles, BlackboxGPS Technologies and its expert team of software and hardware developers have worked for companies both in the public and private sector products designing customer-centric solutions that will help them maximize efficiency of Waste Management Vehicle.

How Blackbox works for Waste Management Companies

Since a lot of responsibility falls on these vehicle operators, having customized GPS Tracking system in them ensures that every single activity gets monitored and controlled. Customized solutions for Waste Management come in the form of a Blackbox designed as per the company’s container size and collection frequency. Provisions can also be made to monitor…

  • The work done by Rear Lift System, Front Lift System or Compaction System of the Waste Management Vehicle.
  • Extraction of raw materials gets monitored properly.
  • Processing of waste products or their disposal gets monitored and managed.

Your Dashboard – Your Benefit

Waste Management Companies can access detailed information and get real-time updates right on their office desktop or on Smartphone. This will add on to the efficiency and increase accountability in operations.

Fleet Tracking System Dashboard

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